Elevate emotional health, intelligence, and workplace relationships across your (neurodiverse) organization

Research has shown that emotional intelligence can surpass IQ when it comes to predicting job performance.

Maybe that's also because high EQ individuals are more likely to experience success and job satisfaction.

Companies that prioritize emotional intelligence see higher levels of productivity, collaboration, and employee engagement.

Alexithymia can essentially be understood as the opposite of emotional intelligence. It majorly affects every 1 in 10 employees, and moderately many more, so addressing it can unlock the potential of your organization.

Emotional health & intelligence solution for neurodiverse organizations

Research has also shown that neurodiverse individuals are very often alexithymic:

50% of autistic people and up to 42% of people with ADHD struggle with alexithymia!

Alexithymia is at the same time the reason why solutions addressing emotional health & intelligence developed for neurotypical individuals do not work for neurodiverse individuals.

That's likely why there is an appetite for better solutions:

Almost three quarters (70%) of neurodiverse employees are currently suffering with mental health issues,... only a quarter (25%) of neurodiverse employees feel emotionally balanced,... and what neurodivergent employees want the most is a greater focus on benefits that manage their emotional health (39%).

- WTW’s Global Benefits Attitudes survey

At Animi, we're building such solution.

If you're interested, come talk to us!

Let's discuss a pilot of our solution at your organization to evaluate the benefit, or start with a workshop to gauge the interest across your teams.

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We're mission-driven

Animi aims to build one stop solution for alexithymia. To  help people understand, work with and communicate emotions, and ultimately improve the wellness, quality of life and relationships for millions of people.


We only collect anonymized alexithymia test data and other metadata to assess effectivity of the app. Your sensitive journal data stays on the device. We don't share the data with any third-parties nor sell it nor use it for any kind of advertisement.


We incorporated Animi as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) to clearly signal to users, investors, or other stakeholders that we are motivated not only by profit, but mainly by our mission. Our impact has been recognized by the Social Impact Award organized by Impact Hub in 2022.


The app and resources are based on the scientific literature, and initial internal data shows great results (see for yourself). We are exploring options to validate our app in pilot studies, as the initial internal data shows the app can significantly improve alexithymia in a dose-dependent way. Please reach out if you're interested in collaborating.